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Tight Pronimal Qualens Ossopy (born c. -150, died -91)

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679 Craven Coltal Candoam, C.[]

Great-grandfather PMS.

"Tight Pronimal Qualens Ossopy was one of the two Consuls (along with 250 Tersal Juctor-Amussal Fural, C.) ambushed during the Second Fuscrite War. Their deaths, and that of the majority of their legions, almost brought Roam to its knees."

975 Old Degnal Voriel-Otibryal, C.[]

Great-grandfather MPS.

"Tight Pronimal Qualens Ossopy was Consul at the end of the First Fuscrite War, and one of the Consul ambushed and killed during the Second Fuscrite War. "

1054 Scruval Qualens, C.[]

Great-grandfather SMP & MMS.

"Tight Pronimal Qualens Ossopy served as Consul at the end of the First Fuscrite War, and was killed during the ambush during the Second Fuscrite War which turned the war sharply against Roam."

"As Scruval's mother's mother and half-father's mother were god-sisters, their parents Tight Pronimal Qualens Ossopy, Didissal Qualens and Gibral's Intervy Juctor occur twice in the list of Scruval's great-grandparents."

1174 Proud Machyal Sarevir-Machyal, C.[]

"Rash Parytal Juctor Sarevir died at just twenty-six as part of the legions of Tersal Juctor-Amussal Fural and Tight Pronimal Qualens Ossopy (neither an ancestor of Machyal's) which were ambushed by the Fuscrites and annihilated. "