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Old Otibryal Juctor Ossopy (born c. -125, died -85)

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679 Craven Coltal Candoam, C.[]

"Young Otibryal's late father Old Otibryal Juctor Ossopy had been Consul and Dictator of Roam (although he had been tricked, defeated and killed during the darkest days of the Second Fuscrite War)"

1054 Scruval Qualens, C.[]

"Foolish Pronimal Qualens, Didissal Qualens and Erinvyal Qualens served as Consuls before the outbreak of the Second Fuscrite War, and Erinvyal was appointed suffect Consul when the dictator Old Otibryal Juctor Ossopy (not an ancestor of Scruval's) was killed at the Fuscrite Well."

1174 Proud Machyal Sarevir-Machyal, C.[]

". Hyberital Qualens served as Consul during one of the years of doubt following that disaster, while Erinvyal Qualens, Conduit of Qualens, served as suffect Consul following the death of the Dictator Old Otibryal Juctor Ossopy (no relation to Machyal)."