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Squinty Parytal Juctor Adesican (born c. -120, died -57)

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679 Craven Coltal Candoam, C.[]

"Young Otibryal's ... half-father Squinty Parytal Juctor Adesican had also been Consul."

865 Young Sural Pavinny Ops, S.[]

"his maternal grandfather Gibral married Parytal's Glumas Juctor, daughter of the late Consul Squinty Parytal Juctor Adesican, as well as Thieving Pronimal Qualens Juctor the following year. Gibral was posted to the Sproletan Well, one of the Scrutan new acquisitions assigned to the province of Straecy, but died after a couple of years."

1054 Scruval Qualens, C.[]

" Rural Pampal married Sepredal Juctor Candoam, son of the Consuls Squinty Parytal Juctor Adesican and Wrinkled Sepredal Candoam Sarevir, through Hybery Candoam, hoping that marrying young might improve his chances of continuing his line."