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Young Ennal Candoam Sarevir (born c. -110, died -44)

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679 Craven Coltal Candoam, C.[]


"Coltal's father Young Ennal Candoam Sarevir was elected Consul during the Second Fuscrite War when Coltal was five years old, and then served as Captain of the Intrearian Well in Straecy for five years, taking his family with him."

"At age eleven, Coltal attended the state funeral of his great-grandfather 150 Stooped Nusal Candoam, C., and the ceremonies confirming his father as the Patriarch of Candoam. It is the first time that he realised the importance of his family to Roaman society."

"Coltal's mother 331 Coltal's Constrincy Juctor died in childbirth with his brother 891 Cheap Ennal Candoam, W. when Coltal was fourteen years old. The following year his father was again elected Consul, and Coltal's life in Roam began in earnest, although he is said resent his father for not allowing him time to truly grieve for his mother."

"His father was elected Consul again in Coltal's final year of service [as an Officer]."

"Coltal's father Ennal died at age sixty-five when Coltal was thirty-eight years old, and the mantle of Patriarch of Candoam was bestowed upon Coltal, an office which he has held ever since."