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Young Sural Pavinny Ops (born -71) is one of the most senior senators in Roam, and has been elected as Sentinel three times. Even his harshest critics cannot doubt his dedication to Roam and its traditions. He has attended every Senate meeting for which he has been eligible for over thirty years, and speaks passionately and informedly on every topic put up for debate.

Sural is an outspoken critic of the growing Issycrian influence on Roaman culture since the end of the Inachironic War nearly fifty years ago, and has published works of history, poetry and philosophy to promote Roaman values.

His dedication to the Republic led him to back Moody Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel in his war against Vulgar Renyal Sarevir Juctor and the allies of the late Hyberital Barbar Adesican. As Bursar and Marshal during the period known as Machyal's Tyranny, he oversaw the trials and subsequent executions of many political enemies, but in his third term as Sentinel he openly criticised Machyal's contempt of the constitution in stark contrast to his own previous actions, and helped usher in a return to democracy after the tyrant's death.


Like most Sentinels, Sural tends to underplay the prestige of his ancestors and present himself as a self-made man. His father, Old Sural Pavinny, was a Straequian granted citizenship following the Second Fuscrite War, and was not the poor farmer that Young Sural claims that he was. Indeed, his prominence and extensive holdings near the Pavinnian Well are the reason that he was brought into Roaman society.

His half-father Hessal Ops was from the Ops family of Companions, who had once been held in some esteem. The main line had faltered, with no Ops having held any office for over a century before Hessal's arrival in Roam, although Ops men had still served ably in all of Roam's wars over that period.

Sural's mother Hybery was of a high Companion class pedigree, with grandparents from the Gibruny, Barbar, Panth, Felegrin and Adesican families (as well as a little Candoam). Her grandfather Hessal Adesican Candoam served as Consul during the Second Fuscrite War, and Gibral Felegrin served as Arbiter, the position which was to evolve into that of Sentinel.

Sural's Roaman grandparents were only forty when he was born — younger in fact than his father. Although not particularly prestigious at his birth, his grandfather Young Gigal Gibruny rose to prominence throughout Sural's young adulthood, becoming Consul during the Inachironic War and elected as Sentinel three times. Sural's own father and half-father both became Sentinel twice in their lifetimes, no doubt instilling a great pride in the office in Young Sural.

Early Life (-71)[]

Crestrellian Well in Nelunty, c. -74

Sural's grandfather Young Gigal Gibruny was Sentinel when Vagal Oscumy attempted to stand as Consul for a second consecutive term to push through his land reforms in the face of fierce opposition from Familials and the Senate. Although the facts of the resulting riot are disputed, it seems likely that Gigal helped whip up the mob which drove Vagal to suicide. The following year, Gigal was assigned to the Crestrellian Well in Nelunty, possibly to remove him from repercussions the city. Twelve at the time, Sural visited his grandfather on several occasions and showed a nascent interest in the working of the land in the fertile region around the Crestrel Lakes.

Inachironic War (-58)[]

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Nelunty was on the front line in the war against Inachiron. Brooding Levyal Juctor Qualens gathered the forces of the province's wells together with his legions and drove south into Inachria to draw Inachiron into a pitched battle. Sural's grandfather Gigal escaped the resulting defeat with his life, but the force which returned to the Crestrellian Well was much depleted.

When Sural was fifteen, his half-father Hessal Ops divorced his mother Hybery. The following year Hessal married Vorcinal Prerenty through Frussas Deforel, and Sural's god-sister Hybery married the Marshal Falsal Gibruny.

First Marriage and Negotiations with Naechis (-53)[]

Sural married the Straequian Cenesal Varcy through Maras Vaer, daughter of Old Maral Vaer. Cenesal had previously been married to Old Maral through Amby Barbar, daughter of the Consul Rigid Mauchule Barbar Gibruny, but had been unable to produce a son.

Despite being only eighteen, Young Sural was present when his father, serving as Sentinel, treated with ambassadors from Naechis offering an alliance against the Kingdom of Kyraspa, who had attacked Roam from the north with the aid of the Scrutans. Young Sural is said to have promised his father and the Consuls that any concessions to the Naechisians now would be concessions on Roam's future ten-fold. The myth that he produced figs produced from Naechis to indicate their economic superiority to that of Roam at this point persists, despite its virtual impossibility.

Despite Young Sural's warnings, the Senate approved a motion to concede the continent of Crylalt to the Naechis in return for their military support, although the wording of the motion was fudged enough by Old Sural to allow a reading that Naechis was also to refrain from territorial expansion in the same continent.

Campaign in Scrutany and Inachiron's Fall (-52)[]

Map of Scalify showing the gains made in Scrutany by Hyberital Barbar Adesican and the burnt wells of Inachiron to the south, as well as the locations of the defeat and surrender of Inachiron.

Sural joined the legion of Hyberital Barbar Adesican on the northern front against Scrutany, aware that a political career in Roam was almost impossible without extensive military experience. After Roam-Beast dealt the Greater Scrutan-Beast a savage blow, Barbar captured a number of wells in Scrutan territory, and raided the Scrutan countryside mercilessly. Sural took part in these raids, particularly around the Gargan Lake between the Sproletan, Scrutan and Heban wells. He gained a reputation for living a rough life, often forgoing sleeping in a comfortable location that he might gain a strategic advantage.

When Inachiron forced his beast north into Roaman territory by burning its wells, Sural's grandfather Young Gigal Gibruny was the Consul in Roam. Young Sural was present at the climactic confrontation between the two beasts between the Oscumite and Hercudean wells, although he did not see battle with Inachiron due to the King's abandoning of his beast to strike further into Oscumy.

Sural was present when Inachiron surrendered at the Aumpran Pass, surrounded by Roam and deserted by his armies. He once again advised his father and grandfather against showing mercy to the defeated King, but was unable to speak personally in the Senate to make his arguments heard. The gods found Inachiron undeserving of death, and he was ransomed to the Kingdom of Kyraspa.

Aftermath (-49)[]

The years following the war saw his growing family appointed to far-flung postings, which likely retarded Sural's political advancement. His father continued to serve at the Intrearian Well, his grandfather was granted the prestigious Adesican Well, and his husband Cenesal was appointed to the newly acquired Tauson Well in Further Inachria to serve under the new Governor Nasal Nusal Candoam Juctor.

His god-sister Hybery married Feoral Alpyral and Vitral Rutal, two leading citizens from the newly established province of Scrutany. Sural made sure to befriend both men, recognising that the political landscape of Roam was changing to accommodate its sudden and massive expansion — and of the opinion that Scrutan culture was much more desirable and compatible with Roaman culture than Issycrian influence from the south.

When Young Sural was twenty-five, his father was elected as Sentinel for a second time. During this term, Sural's mother Hybery fell ill and died aged forty-six. Old Sural remarried the next year, joining with Grey Pampal Sarevir Qualens through Oiblivy Qualens, daughter of the Consul Freckled Prellal Qualens Juctor. The marriage was not to last, as Old Sural died only a few months later at age sixty-nine.

Sural's first son, Cenesal Pavinny Varcy, was born when Sural was twenty-eight years old. The same year, his god-sister Hybery died in childbirth and his maternal grandfather Gigal married Parytal's Glumas Juctor, daughter of the late Consul Squinty Parytal Juctor Adesican, as well as Thieving Pronimal Qualens Juctor the following year. Gigal was posted to the Sproletan Well, one of the Scrutan new acquisitions assigned to the province of Straecy, but died after a couple of years. Returning to the Sproletan countryside around the Gargan Lake for the first time since the war whilst visiting his ailing grandfather, Sural found the area affected him greatly, and purchased a large holding by the lakeside where he could pursue the agricultural theories he had been working on since his childhood in Nelunty. His husband Cenesal was assigned to the Medon Well in Nearer Inachria shortly before the outbreak of the war in Crylalt.

Crylaltian War (-37)[]

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Sural felt a strong personal connection to the war against Naechis in Crylalt. He had warned fifteen years earlier that concessions to Naechis would come back to haunt Roam, and the ensuing war which engulfed Roam for seventeen years — and the resulting civil wars that followed — could only be said to have confirmed his predictions.

Sentinel (-35)[]

The first several years of the war with Naechis were an unedifying affair. After being blockaded very effectively by the vastly superior Naechisian fleet, the Roamans managed to establish a foothold on Crylalt and almost immediately made an alliance with its former enemy in Kyraspa. Sural was one of the voices in Roam calling for the Consul Levyal Barbar Gibruny to be denied the triumph he demanded for winning what was no more than a minor skirmish, when the Naechisian fleet and armies were almost entirely untouched. Ashamed at the pathetic display of the Roaman legions, Sural stood for Sentinel and was elected in the year of the Consuls Lisping Coltal Juctor Sarevir and Parytal Anyly at age thirty-six.

Sural used his term in office to push for greater Senatorial oversight of the war, concerned that the Consuls would make decisions based on personal glory rather than the best interests of Roam. He emphasised that Roam had never before faced an enemy of such comparable strength, or a war either over or at sea. In particular, he pushed against the growing influence of Hyberital Barbar Adesican and his supporters in the Senate. He worried that the demands of the war and the military successes of Barbar, who he did not doubt was a visionary genius, would leave fertile ground for a return to the days of the Kings of Roam.

Sural also cautioned against Roam over-reaching in its new role as a great power. Many of the soldiers levied for the escalating conflict in Crylalt were drawn from the provinces, where citizens were taxed but unable to vote in Roaman elections. Sural made an effort to keep in touch with the people living in the country below Roam itself, especially those in the more traditionally Scalifian areas. He was aware of growing discontent with the disenfranchisement of the people, who saw Roamans as an increasingly distant elite embracing foreign cultures from Issycria at their own expense. Additionally, for the first time in Roaman history, soldiers — and, increasingly, sailors and marines — in Crylalt had not returned to their homes for the harvest, leaving many of their farms and livelihoods to fall into disuse and disrepair. Sural was one of the voices that had pushed for these soldiers to be compensated from the public purse for their service, especially as the war in Crylalt was proving to be far less glamorous and profitable than most Roamans had hoped.

Sural was not entirely above nepotism, however. He argued that it was part of the fabric of the society of Roam, which had made the city as great as it was. He proposed that his half-father Hessal Ops be assigned to the prosperous Xaralisian Well in Further Inachria, and arranged for his divorce and remarriage to Young Tannal Moverant Gibruny through Degnas Barbar, daughter of Prellal Barbar Gibruny.

After his term as Sentinel, Sural served as a Senator for the first time, using his passion and gifts of oratory in an official capacity for the first time. His husband Cenesal was elected Marshal and served in Crylalt under Coltal Candoam. In his absence, his wife bore him a son named Cenesal Varcy Pavinny, Sural's half-son, despite his clear parentage.

Captaincy of Vaeran Well (-31)[]

Vaeran Well, c. -49

At age forty, Sural was assigned as Captain of the Vaeran Well, one of the five wells in the Roaman Province answerable directly to the Senate rather than a Governor. It is possible that he was assigned to this posting due to his outspoken criticism in the Senate of Hyberital Barbar Adesican's invasion of Pricia and the growing role and independence of Marshals. His argument that Barbar, serving as Marshal, had no right to command an independent legion for any extended period did not endear him to many of his contemporaries who saw the expansion of the role of Marshal from a largely civic and subordinate role to that of a commander able to achieve personal glory as an opportunity to further their own careers.

Provincial War (-30)[]

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As Sural had foretold, the pressures of Roaman suzerainty over the provinces proved to be disastrous. Areas of Scrutany, Oscumy, Fuscry, Nelunty and Straecy fell into open rebellion. Sural wasted no time in raising every able man from around the Vaeran Well and pledging them to the cause of Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel, escorting Roam-Beast through the affected areas.

His half-father, Hessal Ops, serving as Sentinel in Roam, and husband, Cenesal Varcy, both died during this turbulent time, at ages seventy-five and seventy-eight respectively, although neither fought in the war.

Sural served as a commander under Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel as he defeated the Northern Provincial Army at the Intrearian Well. He wept at the death of a Sproletan boy that he had known from a young age who had attempted to break through the lines towards him, proclaiming that every death on that day was an avoidable tragedy, if only more people had listened to his suggestions five years ago.

Upon returning to Roam, Sural and Machyal learned of the defeat of Amussal Voriel-Otibryal Juctor to the Southern Provincial Army at the Tividian Well, as well as the capture of Coltal Candoam and Gibral Anyly Adesican in Pricia. Hyberital Barbar Adesican had returned from Pricia to escort Roam-Beast, despite having no official commanding capacity. Sural openly castigated Barbar for his glory-seeking behaviour, and demanded that the ransom for Coltal Candoam not be paid. After three days of furious debate in the Senate, Sural's objections were outvoted, and the extortionate ransom was paid to return the Patriarch and Conduit of Candoam. The payment would reinvigorate the Naechisian war effort and drag the conflict on for another decade, but the issues of the revolting provinces temporarily eclipsed those of Crylalt in the eyes of the majority of Senators.

The following year, the Consul Chinless Latavyal Juctor Candoam fought the Southern Provincial Army to a stalemate in Nelunty, while Marshals Hyberital Barbar Adesican and Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel escorted Roam-Beast. Acting without authority from the Senate, Barbar offered all provincial citizens in Scalify (including Inachria) a peace deal, promising no repercussions against any rebels if they would lay their weapons down in return for a vote in all Roaman elections. The rebels agreed, and the Senate retroactively approved the deal, despite the vociferous protests of Sural and his allies in the faction which was known as the Eminents.

Sural was outraged that Barbar had acted unilaterally as the head of state of Roam without being vested with such power by the Senate or people of Roam — although his opponents pointed out that Sural had in fact argued for the franchise to be extended to the majority of these citizens when he had previously served as Sentinel, and was guilty of hypocrisy. Sural's insistence that the manner of how the deal was struck undermined the very terms it offered went unappreciated by most, who were simply glad to see the war in Scalify come to an end. Unfortunately for them, the conclusion of the Provincial War laid the foundations for the First Civil War, when Roaman forces faced each other on the battlefield for the first time in history.

First Civil War (-27)[]

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At the conclusion of the Provincial War, Sural was still technically the Captain of the Vaeran Well, and returned to his post as soon as the peace treaty had been ratified by the Senate. When he arrived, he learned of Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel's treasonous march on Roam. Sural decided that, despite his disagreements with Hyberital Barbar Adesican, now elected as Consul, and the Senate, he could not condone such an action. He sent Machyal a letter insisting that the internal disputes of Roam were not to be decided with blood but with words. News that his Eminent allies in the Senate had come to physical blows against their opponents as Sarevir's army had approached disheartened him, and he sent them orders to desist and take measures to de-escalate the situation.

Though Sarevir and Barbar's armies met on the battlefield and drew up ranks, they did not close to battle. After several days of manoeuvring to a stalemate, Sarevir broke off from shadowing Roam-beast to raid wealthy Inachria and resupply his somewhat unruly army.

Sentinel and the Veto of the Triumvirate (-26)[]

Desperate to see a peaceful resolution to the conflict, Sural stood as Sentinel for the following year, returning to Roam at age forty-five. His overtures helped bring Machyal to the negotiating table. The resulting deal between the Consuls Vulgar Renyal Sarevir Juctor and Hyberital Barbar Adesican and the troublesome Moody Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel was utterly abhorrent to Sural, and soured his relationship with Machyal. Barbar, now seventy years old and of failing health, was to be installed as Consul for the duration of the war in Crylalt, where the Roamans had lost considerable ground in the past several years; Machyal would be granted a permanent role as Marshal and lead the war as Barbar had before returning from Pricia, as well as receiving a second triumph for his role in the Provincial War; Renyal, Machyal's cousin, was to act as a moderating force between the two of them for as long as the two held their positions, also as an unelected Consul. Sural could not believe that Machyal, a man who had marched on Roam to stop Barbar from acting unconstitutionally, would allow the establishment of three offices of unelected and unrestrained power in Roam.

Sural, in his role as Sentinel, vetoed the proposition from being discussed in Roam. He published an excoriating treatise underlining his objections, and how the role of the Sentinel had been established by the continued pressures of the common citizens of Roam to keep the Senate and magistrates of Roam within their constitutional bounds. Sural's insistence on constitutional procedure did not enamour him to many, who saw any peace deal as preferable to losing the war in Crylalt, and to continued conflict in Scalify between Roaman armies needed elsewhere. Graffiti cropped up in prominent locations in Roam describing Sural as a Panth, evoking the violence of the legendary Panth Insurrection, or an Oscumy, threatening a repeat of the lynchings of the overweening Oscumy Brothers over thirty years before. Sural was outmatched, with the political might of both Barbar and Machyal's supporters set against him, and the atmosphere bristling with a very real threat of violence.

Sural's veto was circumvented by the calling of a surprise meeting of the Senate by both Consuls, which was attended by enough of his political opponents, who were informed of its intention beforehand, to achieve quorum and pass the motion into law before Sural could arrive. Disgusted with his fellow Roamans, Sural took to sleeping on the steps of the Senate House for the rest of his term as Sentinel as a reminder of their deceit. He did not abuse his veto power, however, and continued to act properly in his role, reckoning that rising above the shameful actions of his fellow Roamans would inflict more damage to them than lowering himself to their level.

Campaign in Crylalt (-25)[]

The year following his term as Sentinel, Sural travelled to Kyraspa along with Machyal's army. He continued to harp on about the unconstitutional nature of Machyal's command, annoying many of the commanders that had convened to train the legions over the winter. Osa Tusk and Inachiron had united many of the tribes of the Crylaltian interior against Roam and Kyraspa, and most agreed that the coming campaign would be decisive, with both Roam and Naechis stretched to breaking point.

It was during this time that Sural's son Cenesal married Puking Hyberital Candoam through Otibry Galvens, daughter of the Marshal Old Tavengal Galvens Panth. That his son had married a Familial was a cause of much celebration for Sural: his family had grown from nothing to mixing with the highest ranks of Roaman society in just three generations, a vindication of Sural's vision of Roam.

The campaigning season was moderately successful, with Machyal making steady territorial gains along the Crylaltian coastline, but unable to draw Osa Tusk or his Crylaltian allies into a pitched battle. Progress was halted by the sudden death of Hyberital Barbar Adesican in Roam, throwing the peace agreement from the end of the civil war into disarray. Machyal returned to Roam to have himself confirmed as Relief Consul, and — much as when Barbar himself had left Pricia to defend Roam at the outbreak of the Provincial War — his commanders fell into squabbling in his absence. Sural counselled the Marshals Tantal Voriel-Cuinsal Juctor and Trassidyal Juctor Qualens against their vainglorious expedition into the Crylaltian interior, which resulted in the almost total destruction of an entire legion in a trap set by Osa Tusk and the native Crylaltians. Once again, nobody listened to Sural.

Sural's first grandchild was born the following year, named Pronimas Candoam. He did not return to Roam, however. Machyal had returned to the army in Crylalt, and recognised Sural's wisdom in attempting to prevent the foolhardy venture of the Marshals in his absence the previous year. He made efforts to patch things up with Sural, granting him a command in his army and heeding his advice. Although Sural still disapproved strongly of the constitutional arrangement that still existed between Machyal and his cousin Renyal, he was pragmatic enough to accept that he could not allow Roam to make mistakes while he cried I-told-you-so from the side.

Sural accepted the command and continued to exhibit the qualities that had endeared him to his peers over twenty-five years previously in Scrutany. He shared the same conditions as his men, eating the same food and sleeping in the same tents. His disciplinary measures were severe yet consistent, and he rewarded the men who exhibited true Roaman virtues with praise, promotions, medals and treasure. When Machyal began his brutal, multi-fronted raiding of the Crylaltian interior, Sural suffered the hardships of that desolate and unforgiving landscape alongside his men, and they rewarded him with fierce loyalty. When Machyal again returned to Roam to assert his position as Relief Consul following the death of Tantal Voriel-Cuinsal Juctor, there was no disagreement amongst the commanders or the men that Sural should lead the campaign in his absence.

Campaign in Pricia and the Defeat of Naechis (-23)[]

As Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel had not been able to bring Osa Tusk to battle in Crylalt, he turned his gaze to Pricia. The previous year, Inachiron had been assassinated in Naechis whilst beseeching the Council for more support for their campaign, so Machyal hoped to strangle Naechis itself and cut off support for the wily general from what was clearly a divided leadership. Sural accompanied him, never shying away from advising or critiquing Machyal's plans or constitutional arrangements. The forces defending Naechis-Beast rashly sallied forth in an attempt to catch Machyal's invasion force off-guard, but allowed themselves to be caught in a vulnerable position at Koumys. Following a comprehensive victory over this inexperienced and badly commanded army, Machyal took a cue from Inachiron himself and began to burn the wells of Naechis-Beast rather than attempt to storm the city itself. Sural advised Machyal to execute all of the prisoners taken in this offensive without question, not only because the expeditionary force was ill-supplied and living off enemy land as it went, but because it would demoralise the Pricians that were sworn to Naechis.

The devastation of Pricia lasted for two years before Naechis succumbed to defeat. Sural took a leading role in negotiating the surrender terms of the city, insisting to Machyal that anything short of crippling their enemy would result in repercussions within a generation. He even suggested in private that the Roaman army should disregard diplomatic convention and notions of decency and burn the city of Naechis to the ground while it had the chance.

Sural was surprised to receive a letter from the Senate ordering him to take up a posting as the Captain of the Aeran Well in Fuscry, and had to sail back from Pricia before the peace negotiations were concluded. It is likely that he was granted this assignment to separate him from Machyal before Renyal acted against him, indicating that Renyal had planned to betray his cousin for some time.

Machyal was accused of hurrying the negotiations in order that he would be declared the conqueror of Naechis before elections could be held in Roam to allow a challenger to swoop in for his glory, but the peace deal was still perceived by the Naechisians to be a humiliating and undeserved admission of total defeat, particularly while Osa Tusk still commanded an undefeated army in Crylalt.

Regardless of the deal struck, Vulgar Renyal Sarevir Juctor vetoed the proposed terms of surrender in Roam, declaring his cousin Moody Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel to be a coward and a traitor. The Second Civil War of Roam broke out immediately, and this time Sural was firmly in the camp of Machyal as he began his march on Roam.

Second Civil War and Machyal's Tyranny (-20)[]

Main articles: Second Civil War, Machyal's Tyranny

Sural returned to Scalify to find that he had been born two grandsons, Scrawny Hyberital Candoam Pavinny and Cenesal Pavinny Candoam. War broke out between Machyal and Renyal a matter of days after his arrival at his new post, and although he was not familiar with the Aeran Well, his reputation as a leader and true Roaman preceded him. The Governor of Fuscry was the former Consul Ambyal Adesican, and his fellow Fuscrite well Captains were Devisal Voriel-Cuinsal, Tavengal Juctor-Glumal Voriel and Prellal Juctor-Amussal. Sural had served with Adesican's husband Ambyal Voriel Candoam in Crylalt, and convinced him to throw his support behind Machyal. The other Captains followed suit, pooling their troops and denying military support to Vulgar Renyal Sarevir Juctor or Amussal Barbar Gibruny, the twenty-seven year old son of Hyberital Barbar Adesican who had preposterously been appointed as Consul by a cowed Senate.

Many Senators that fled Roam at this time, fearing violence on the streets of the city, took up refuge with Sural and his army in Fuscry. The bulk of Renyal and Amussal's forces were in Inachria, which hated Machyal for his unwarranted raiding during the last civil war. Machyal was still in Crylalt, where he defeated Vain Prellal Qualens Juctor conclusively outside the walls of Delebram.

The following year Machyal's legions landed in Scalify, and were met by Sural's Fuscrite army and the legions of other Captains loyal to his cause. Amussal Barbar Gibruny foolishly challenged the experienced general to battle near the Roaman Well, and was soundly defeated. Renyal had travelled south to command the forces in Inachria, hoping to reinforce those of Amussal before they could be brought to battle. He was murdered in his own camp, supposedly by mutineers amongst his most veteran troops, in an episode which has caught the imagination of many conspiracy theorists. Many fingers have been pointed at Sural, suggesting that he had a record of suggesting calculated and callous acts, and a clear motive. Critics of this theory emphasise how unlikely it would be for an avowed Roamanist to collaborate in skulduggery with Issycrians.

The Senators remaining in Roam elected new Consuls in an attempt to thwart Machyal's march on the city, but their troops refused to defend the city's walls against him. The Second Civil War was over. Sural entered the city to find that he had again become a grandfather, to a boy named Sural Candoam Pavinny for him. He is said to have wept for the boy, heartbroken that he would never see Roam as it was before the greed of tyrants had torn it asunder. Though he might well have wept, Sural's complicity in the period now known as Machyal's Tyranny over the following several years did little to alleviate the plight of the city, and have left him somewhat vulnerable to accusations of rank hypocrisy.

Bursar (-18)[]

Although Sural had been Sentinel twice in his career, he stood for election as Bursar of the city, a much lower ranking office, when Machyal revealed the stricter political ladder in his series of reforms intended to return Roam to its glory days. Sural's stated aim was to communicate the humility of a Roaman before even the most lowly public service, but it is entirely possible that he was drafted in at a late stage by Machyal in order to fill out the ranks of the sixteen Bursar positions in order to avoid embarrassment for the Dictator.

Roam was in a state of terror, with many hesitant to make a move lest they somehow offend Machyal or any of his allies. As Bursar, Sural helped compile the lists of political enemies who had undermined the constitution of Roam over the past decade. He presented evidence of their misdeeds and bad faith at a great number of trials, evidently invigorated by his long-held opinions on the correct way for the Republic to operate to be appreciated by those in power. His speeches were widely disseminated to the public, and many are taught today as examples of oratory.

Marshal (-17)[]

So successful was Sural in his lowly role as Bursar that he was returned as Marshal the following year, a role he was intent on returning to its original civic position as a judge. Although the initial zeal of the Tyranny had died down somewhat, Machyal's cronies had allowed their aim to broaden to many who were guilty of little except being disliked or impertinent. To his credit, Sural did not condemn any man without clear evidence of actual malfeasance, and threw many accusations out of court as hearsay or simple fraud.

Sural wrote a series of treatises on the traditional role of the Marshal which made aspersions against his peers with increasing boldness, and began to reassert his once unwavering opposition to tyranny. Again he risked making himself a political leper, having either condemned to death or exile the friends and family of many of his former opponents or declared his former allies to be tyrants and traitors to the Republic. Astonishingly, however, Sural walked this political tightrope, steadily gaining the support of enough influential Roamans and common citizens to run again as Sentinel on a platform of opposing the tyranny he had been a significant aspect of only a year before.

Sentinel (-16)[]

Sural's political journey throughout Machyal's Tyranny has been described as the most astonishing about-face in Roaman history.[citation needed] In his third term as Sentinel, at fifty-five years old, he began to openly defy the tyranny Moody Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel and defend the constitution and people of Roam against his continued occupation of high office. Sural's campaign was not in vain. He appealed to the ambition of his peers in the Senate, asking whether they fancied their chances of becoming Consul when one of the two seats had Machyal's name engraved on it. Their growing discomfort forced Machyal to actually stand for election as Consul rather than be appointed. Sural insisted — even after Machyal won the election in a landslide due to his elimination of political opposition and continued fear of crossing him — that this was an important return to democracy in the Republic, though according to Machyal's own reforms he should not have been able to stand again for the same office for another ten years.

Sural won as many admirers as he did detractors for this term as Sentinel. His argument that his support for the initial stages of the Tyranny did not contradict his opposition to its continuation when Machyal himself had transitioned from liberator to tyrant was the topic of discussion around almost every private gathering of Roamans for the entire year, and is still debated in schools in Roam now. Sural maintains that his stance has remained consistent throughout the course of his life: support for the constitution of Roam and the values enshrined therein, and eternal opposition to tyranny.

Moody Machyal's Death and Proud Machyal's Crisis (-15)[]

As Consul for the previous year, Moody Machyal Sarevir-Machyal Voriel was legally obliged to oversee the election of magistrates for the following year, although in this instance those elections again included that of his own unconstitutional bid for the office of Consul. During the election period, Machyal died suddenly. The city was thrown into panic, with accusations of assassination cast at hundreds of targets, not least Sural himself.

Sural knew that this was a constitutional crisis which needed to be managed both delicately and firmly for Roam to avoid collapsing again into internal conflict. Seizing the moment, he approached Moody Machyal's thirty-year old son Proud Machyal Sarevir-Machyal, with whom he had campaigned in Crylalt and Pricia during the war. Sural knew that Proud Machyal did not want to seize power, and had grown to resent the shadow of his father, but that he also had the loyalty and respect of the same political allies and armies as his father had. Sural convinced Proud Machyal to oversee the election of new magistrates, particularly Consuls who were not associated with his father or his allies, and then to hand the reins of power and command of the military back to the Senate and the elected magistrates of the Republic. Thus Sural, in his last act as Sentinel, defeated tyranny and restored democracy to the Republic. The new Consuls were Crooked Nusal Candoam and Tavengal Juctor-Glumal Voriel, and the fact that they were fairly innocuous and uneventful Consuls was seen as a great victory for Roam and a new beginning for the Republic.

Aftermath (-14)[]

The years following Machyal's Tyranny were relatively quiet. Sural repaid Proud Machyal for his upholding of the constitution by pushing for his assignment as a special Marshal to deal with the growing nuisance of piracy in the Sound of Issycria and surrounding the new province of Crylalt as Roam began to embrace its potential for maritime trade. When the operation was a resounding success, Sural opposed calls for Proud Machyal and Old Degnal Voriel-Otibryal to receive a triumph, as they had not acted as elected magistrates of the Republic.

Sural's half-son Cenesal Varcy Pavinny married Sopenal Ruess Fural through Quellas Oscumy, daughter of the prestigious Sentinel Loud Gibral Oscumy Osty, and the following year Sural's son Cenesal Pavinny Varcy was elected as Bursar. The birth of his grandson Sopenal Varcy Ruess was overshadowed by the death of his other grandson Cenesal Pavinny Candoam at just seven years old. The births of two granddaughters, Pollas Pavinny and Machy Ruess, and a grandson Cenesal Ruess Varcy, did little to mitigate the fact that, as his sixtieth birthday came around, Sural's main Pavinny line was imperilled.

The Home War (-10)[]

Main article: Home War

At the outbreak of Trucidal's slave rebellion in Nelunty, Sural's half-son Cenesal Varcy Pavinny was serving as an Officer under the Marshal Prellal Juctor-Amussal, whom Sural had fought alongside as a fellow Fuscrite Well Captain in the Second Civil War. Eager to seek military glory in what was expected to be a simple expedition, Sural's son Cenesal Pavinny Varcy accompanied his younger half-brother when the Marshal was assigned to put down the rebellion.

The Roaman force that swaggered into Nelunty was ambushed and utterly routed by Trucidal and his army of slaves. Though Prellal Juctor-Amussal escaped back to Roam in disgrace, Sural's son Cenesal Pavinny Varcy was killed in the fighting, aged thirty-three. Cenesal Varcy Pavinny fought the slaves back to recover his half-brother's body and brought it back to his father, who was distraught, not least because it meant that the male line of the Pavinny family had failed. After a short period of tearful deliberation, he petitioned to the Senate to be allowed to divorce his beloved wife Maras, who was well past childbearing age, and was granted permission.

The following year Sural married the Sentinel Tantol Osty Oscumy through Latavy Galvens, a girl of just sixteen. Despite their divorce, Maras still lived in Sural's home, as she does to this day. Sural's granddaughter Pronimas Candoam was also married that year, to Isompal Medel Scrutany. Unfortunately, Sural's grandson Sopenal Varcy Ruess died at just four years old, a victim of the virulent child's pox which swept through Roam that year.

Aftermath (-7)[]

Sural will admit that he was not at his best during the Home War. Although he continued to attend every meeting of the Senate diligently, he was often distracted and rarely made the impassioned speeches that had made his name in Roaman society. When the war concluded, and Scruval Qualens and Proud Machyal Sarevir-Machyal stood together as Consuls despite Scruval not having completed his term as Governor of Further Inachria and Machyal falling below the age requirement enshrined in law by his own father, Sural did not criticise the undermining of the constitution of the Republic. Whether this was a result of his relationship with Machyal or his continued grief over the death of his son is not entirely clear.

However, when the new Consuls pushed for Curly Coltal Candoam, who had only been elected as a Bursar, to be assigned as Governor of the province of Scrutany, Sural began to recover some of his previous vigour. Befuddled by the passivity of the Senate in the face of such a flagrant act of favouritism in the face of tradition (but technically not the law or the constitution), he began to become aware of how the allegiances of the Senate had shifted over the past several years. Scruval Qualens, combining a keen business sense, a burning ambition and a lack of scruples, had become the largest landowner — and in short order the richest man — in all of the Roaman Republic, and had bankrolled nearly every magisterial election in Roam for years. The stricter political ladder instituted by Moody Machyal had resulted, as intended, in an increase in the fierceness of competition amongst ambitious Roamans, and an associated escalation of the costs of running for office, driving many into debt to achieve their ambitions. As a result, a huge number of Senators and magistrates were financially dependent on Qualens not only for their current position but also for their political futures.

When Sural spoke out against Qualens, he was derided as an anachronism of a bygone age, and a Little Roaman who would stop at nothing to disparage those such as Qualens who had embraced Issycrian culture. Qualens and his allies had huge political and popular support. Sural had found himself once again as a pariah, this time ostracised not by the might of a dictator but by the workings of the very democracy and constitution he had fought so hard to save. He continued to castigate the state of affairs as Qualens had his son Machyal Qualens Voriel appointed in Further Inachria, treating that province as a family holding against every ideal of the Republic. Proud Machyal Sarevir-Machyal, a man that Sural had seen as an ally only a few years before, acted in the same vein as Scruval Qualens, assigning his own brother as Governor of Straecy.

Sural confronted Machyal privately, demanding to know his intentions for the Republic. Machyal informed Sural that his relative Rash Donimal Sarevir had told him that the situation in Crylalt had devolved into a state of perpetual attritional war, with Roam's real power only extending to the near coast and a few major cities, which were held with the aid of Roam's allies in Kyraspa. Machyal had decided that he must become Governor of Crylalt in order to restore Roam's control over the continent, or else the gains of the seventeen years of the Crylaltian War were for naught. He had made alliances and arrangements to ensure the security of Roam in his absence, and was also concerned by the growing influence of Scruval Qualens. Promising Sural that he would never take any action towards becoming a tyrant like his father had, he beseeched his old ally to trust him, and support him in the coming years. Sural agreed.

Recent Events[]

In the past several years, Sural has acquired a great number of grandchildren and several great-grandchildren, but has failed to produce a male heir of his own. His husband Tantol Osty Oscumy died two years ago at the age of forty-seven, leaving Sural as the sole husband trying to make his wife Latavy pregnant. Last year Sural's favourite grandson, Sural Candoam Pavinny, married Old Frussal Deforel through Amas Qualens, daughter of the Marshal Bucktooth Donimal Qualens-Donimal. His half-son Cenesal is currently serving the city as a Bursar.

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Relation Dump[]

Sum: 1231

334 Young Gigal Gibruny, C.[]

(Late) Grandfather (father of mother 573 Gigal's Hybery Gibruny)

573 Gigal's Hybery Gibruny[]

(Late) Mother.

809 Old Sural Pavinny, S.[]

(Late) Father.

810 Cenesal Varcy, M.[]

(Late) Husband.

818 Hessal Ops, S.[]

(Late) Half-Father.

888 Hybery Ops[]

(Late) God-Sister.

917 Maras Vaer[]


1053 Loud Gibral Oscumy Osty, C.[]

Co-Father (father of wife 1505 Quellas Oscumy of half-son 1454 Cenesal Varcy Pavinny, B.)

1127 Tantol Osty Oscumy, S.[]

(Late) Husband.

1195 Vitral Alpyral Rutal, M.[]

Nephew (son of god-sister 888 Hybery Ops)

1235 Cenesal Pavinny Varcy, B.[]

(Late) Son.
 • Died in Home War.

1454 Cenesal Varcy Pavinny, B.[]


1693 Latavy Galvens[]